Jetforce 125 diagnostic cartridge

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    • Jetforce 125 diagnostic cartridge

      Guten tag mein freund from Australia,

      Sorry about the rest of the post being in English but this is the only forum I can find that seems to know anything about Peugeot 125 Jetforce scooters.

      I'm the owner of 2 JF 125s. The dealer in Australia went broke in 2008 during the GFC. They were never a big seller so there are not many here. Actually I visited Germany and France in 2016 and 2017 and did not see many there either. I did see a nice 50cc on the walk to the German Air Museum in Munich but that was it.

      Does anyone know where to find/buy/obtain the diagnostic cartridge for these scooters? I can't find one anywhere in Australia although I can find an Aprillia Ditech 50cc one which I believe is similar but has a different connector.

      The first JF I bought ran for about 3 months and then exhibited a problem where the scooter would run slower and slower until it stopped. I managed, eventually to diagnose it as a faulty injector. It took me about 6 months to source one from a wrecked scooter but now I have bought another with no keys so I'm interested in getting that one working.

      For information, I'm trying to build a replacement ECU for the bike. Some information on that is here…=peugeot+peugeot+jetforce

      Anyway - sorry again about the English



      Google translate is my friend.
    • Hey and Hallo Tony, so far away in Australia,

      my name is Bernd from Germany and i bought some used Jetforces.

      Look at ebay Germany ( and (, prefer our spring and summer time and search for "point diag", that is the original Peugeot TEP POINT DIAG Diagnostic Tool for repairs. You can also search for Peugeot orbital or Gameboy Diagnostic for Peugeot Scooters.
      Its also possible to let the diagnostic-programme flow by hand, there`s a handmade method to get fault codes indicated, do you know?
      What do yuo mean with cartridge? Only the plug?

      Greetings from good old germany